Medical Accounts Receivable Consulting & Management Services

Medical Accounts Receivable Consulting & Management Services

Outsourcing medical receivable services to trusted specialists like MedPro Con$ulting LLC is a growing trend for savvy businesses who seek to improve their cash flow, increase their financial stability, and meet their objectives for growth and success.

MedPro Con$ulting provides a full range of professional medical accounts receivable consulting & management services for the medical community including:

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  • Medical offices
  • Dental offices
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities

With over 30 years of experience, our medical collections team is ready to provide comprehensive A/R management services for practices of all sizes. If you are a single-physician practice, we report directly to you. If you are a larger practice with a 10-person billing staff, we report directly to your administrator, financial director, and strategic planning officer. You may be surprised at how smoothly our A/R functions blend in with the structure of your practice.

4 Benefits of Partnering with a Healthcare Accounts Receivable Consulting & Management Team

Improved Cash Flow

Improved Cash Flow

From better collection services to accounts receivable factoring, MedPro Con$ulting helps you access working capital at all times.
Higher Productivity & Enhanced Services

Higher Productivity & Enhanced Services

As cash-flow problems diminish, you and your practice staff can provide a higher level of customer service leading to increased profits and more business.
Better Credit Standing

Better Credit Standing

When your patients are paying their bills more promptly, you can take care of your obligations while protecting and/or improving your credit standing.
Reduced Overhead

Reduced Overhead

Outsourcing accounts receivable management functions automatically eliminates wages and other overhead costs on on-site accounts receivable staff.

In addition to providing the normal collection services you would expect, MedPro empowers you with financial insights into your patient base and business such as:

Evaluates the creditworthiness of your patients and advises you on how much credit, if any, you can safely extend to them

Identifies accounts receivable financing options such as factoring invoices

Helps you explore funding for your practice through non-bank financing methods

Improves collections on unpaid invoices with our friendly, professional collections pros


I have found Medpro Con$ulting to be a reliable, professional and timely billing and collection service. I would recommend them without reservation to accomplish your medical practice billing and collecting needs.

Dr. Enrico Mango

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