About MedPro Consulting Accounts Receivable Management

About MedPro Consulting

MedPro Consulting, LLC helps businesses improve their billing practices while collecting on accounts receivable, including medical bills and invoices. We help clients improve their A/R turnover while keeping overhead costs down. MedPro Consulting is a 100% woman owned and operated business.

Our Story

MedPro Consulting, LLC had its start in 2007 when Lynn Autz established the company. Lynn brings three decades of experience to clients, ultimately helping them get paid more consistently for the services they provide. Her experience encompasses various positions in medical offices including office manager, financial coordinator, as well as education in business and international marketing.

What We Do

Put simply, our services involve finding out why you aren’t getting paid and then fixing it. We’ve had a great deal of success helping medical offices and other companies find money they previously thought was out of reach. To achieve that, we provide various specialized services, including:

  • Revenue Management – we provide collections services as well as insurance denial appeals.
  • Billing – we help you make certain your billing and claims are handled correctly with statewide billing services.
  • System Setup – we help doctor’s offices transition to billing systems that allow them to transfer claims electronically.
  • Credentialing – this is a vital step in filing insurance claims. We help you get your credentials through to get you in the system.

The end result is to help doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other businesses collect on their accounts receivable in a quick and accurate manner, all without having to hire additional personnel. The services we provide are scalable, allowing us to help both small practices as well as corporate clients such as physician billing at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital and St. Francis Hospital. In addition, MedPro Consulting works remotely with clients throughout the United States and our collection services can be adapted to help improve overall revenues.

How MedPro Consulting Benefits You

The collections and billing help we provide at MedPro Consulting yields a number of benefits for companies. Our clients frequently face challenges in terms of collecting on outstanding accounts as well as with medical billing systems. They often benefit in the following ways:

  • Incorporating accurate and timely billing practices
  • Higher returns through denial appeals and collections services
  • Improved cash flow as more bills are paid in a timely manner
  • Lower personnel costs with lower turnover
  • Full compliance with HIPAA regulations

On top of all that, as a small business, we can provide you with lower rates than larger collection agencies could, ultimately giving you a cost-effective way to increase your practice’s profitability.

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If you and your medical staff are working hard, but still suffering from chronic cash flow problems, it’s time to talk to MedPro Consulting, LLC. We have helped hundreds of medical clients become cash-flow success stories. References are available upon request. Help is here so contact us online or call 631.877.0655 today!